If you are buying a home, then, before you decide on whether this home is your dream home, the following checklist will help you look at prospective homes with a critical eye. We suggest printing this page and putting it on a clipboard. When you find a home that really interests you, mark the features you see and note their general condition on this list. Where we’ve provided choices, fill out in the space and check the box of the one that best describes each home. If you do not know the answers to any question, then make sure to ask your Real Estate Sales Representative. Some technical issues should be established by a home inspector.

Home Location
Address ________________________________________________________
Asking price ____________________________________________________
Annual property tax _____________________________________________
Zoning restrictions _______________________________________________

Exterior of the Home
   Lot size – shape ______________________________________________
   Position of home on lot ________________________________________
   Private or shared drive – condition _______________________________
   Front yard-rear yard __________________________________________
   Landscaping – condition ________________________________________
   Mature trees ________________________________________________
   Home appearance from street __________________________________
   Type of home (two storey, detached, attached) ____________________
   Siding (brick, brick veneer, aluminium, wood) ______________________
   Condition of siding and paint ___________________________________
   Attached or detached garage __________________________________
   One, two, three car garage ____________________________________
   Condition of walkways _________________________________________
   Covered front porch __________________________________________
   Enclosed front porch __________________________________________
   Fenced backyard _____________________________________________
   Privacy _____________________________________________________
   Patio-decking ________________________________________________
   Swimming pool-above ground pool ______________________________
   Storage shed ________________________________________________
   Type of roof – general condition _________________________________
   Type of roof repairs __________________________________________
   What was done to roof ________________________________________
   Do they have receipts ________________________________________
   Eaves trough _______________________________________________
   Type of foundation ___________________________________________
   Structural appearance ________________________________________
   Possible problems? ___________________________________________

Interior of the Home (room sizes can be taken from MLS® Listing)
   Separate front hallway ________________________________________
   Guest closet ________________________________________________
   Soundproofing between walls of duplex __________________________

Doors and Windows
   Types of windows (single pane; thermopane) _____________________
   Open and close window without sticking __________________________
   General condition ____________________________________________
   Locks and latches work? ______________________________________

   General size and colours ______________________________________
   Eat-in area _________________________________________________
   Cooking food preparation island ________________________________
   Sufficient cupboard space _____________________________________
   Pantry _____________________________________________________
   Single or double sink-condition _________________________________
   Sufficient counter top area ____________________________________
   Floor type-condition __________________________________________

   Adequate headroom _________________________________________
   Drained or sump pump _______________________________________

Other Rooms – Features
   Number of bedrooms ________________________________________
   Number of bathrooms _______________________________________
   Fireplace type ______________________________________________
   Signs of moisture ___________________________________________
   Cracks in walls and floors _____________________________________

Recent Renovations
   Done by seller or professional renovator? ________________________

   Electrical: amperage; fuses or circuit breakers; adequate outlets; general condition; aluminium or copper wiring; meet current codes?

   Plumbing: copper pipes or other material; signs of leaks; recent repairs; age; meet current codes?

   Water service: city supplied or well; if well, drilled or dug? Ever run dry? Water quality recently tested for potability? Capacity; age of pump; size of feeder line from well to house; water agreement?

   Sewer or septic system: if septic, where is septic field? Holding tank and system recently checked?

   Heating type: oil; gas; electric; hot water; baseboard; combination; heat pump; age; recent repairs

   Air conditioning: type (window, central) age; size; recent repairs

   Hot water heater: leased or owned; gas or electrical number of gallons; efficiency; age

   Insulation type: ______________________________________________

   Ask to see copies of recent utility bills: ___________________________

   Cable or aerial TV service: adequate room outlets __________________

   Internet access: High Speed; Dial Up ____________________________

   Other notable features and comments: ___________________________

Community – Close to:
   City services
   Medical facilities (doctors, hospitals, dentists)
   Recreation centre
   Public swimming pools
   Public tennis courts
   Golf course
   Skating rinks
   Hockey arena
   Public library
   Major roads and highways
   Public transportation
   Possible problems (traffic commuting)

Local Neighbourhood
   Urban, suburban, rural ________________________________________
   Older or newer; estimated age _________________________________
   Types of homes in area (detached, links, townhomes or apartments?
   Age group of area homeowners ________________________________
   Quiet streets ________________________________________________
   Adequate streetlights _________________________________________
   Visible power lines and telephone poles __________________________
   Well maintained homes _______________________________________
   Sidewalks __________________________________________________
   Space between homes ________________________________________
  Adequate street parking _______________________________________